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PT. Indocyber Global Teknologi

Informasi Perusahaan
  • Alamat

    Pakuwon Tower Lt 26 Unit J Casablanca Raya Street No. 88 Jakarta Selatan

  • Telepon

    021 566 3704

  • Skala Perusahaan

    500 - 1000 Karyawan

  • Gaya Berpakaian

    Bebas Berkemeja

  • Waktu Bekerja

    Senin - Jumat

Profil Perusahaan

PT. Indocyber Global Teknologi, an integrated information and technology system provider, dedicated to delivering highly effective solutions in the field of Information Systems. Our core business focuses on information technology services, digital marketing and IT infrastructure. PT. Indocyber Global Teknologi started with only 10 (ten) personnel, currently, after years of experience, we are supported by more than 500 consultants and developers.

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