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Informasi Perusahaan
  • Alamat

    Jl. Timoho No. 43, Muja Muju, Yogyakarta 55165

  • Telepon

    (0274) 555 952

  • Skala Perusahaan

    100 - 200 Karyawan

  • Gaya Berpakaian

    Bebas Casual

  • Waktu Bekerja

    Senin - Jumat

Profil Perusahaan

The need for immediacy has made chat the default mode for social communication, and now extended to become the preferred mode for business interaction. This poses a big challenge to enterprises in providing unparalleled customer experience (CX) and upholding service standards to their customers and partners, while coping with a huge demand and volume for chat capabilities. Since its inception in Singapore over 7 years ago, Qiscus has been helping businesses in 14 countries harness the power of chat, enabling timely conversations with more than 20M users across various business functions and industries. Qiscus is a leading multi-channel and in-app chat technology provider whose purpose is to assist companies of any size to embrace the new expectations of excellent customer experience (CX), through the ability to engage in timely conversations at scale, with whoever and from wherever.

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